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Solar hot water Parts

Solar hot water Parts

Solar Hot water Computer controllers, Thermostats, Tank Sensors, Circulation Pumps and more!!!

At Ring Hot Water we can fix your faulty Solar Hot Water system: 


Sensor tube for solar hot water heater tank or pool 1/2"

200mm long x 6mm stainless steel tube with 1/2" fitting, Placed inside heating area to make contact with …

$40.00 $25.00

Solar Hot Water Tank Sensor Model NTC10k

Resistance thermometer NTC 10K Sensor, Stainless steel tube 200mm long, Dia = 6mm 1/2" fitting into tank, …

$45.00 $25.00

Solar Hot Water Automatic Air Vent 1/2" Male

Float type automatic air vent that is designed to vent troublesome air from solar hot water heating systems. The vent ha…

$45.00 $31.50

3.6kw hot water sickle element

3.6kw element suits most hot water systems Rheem , Dux , Aquamax and Rinnai, we can install this for you call us on 0410…

$45.00 $33.75

4.8kw hot water sickle element

4.8kw element used on large tanks or where rapid heat is needed suits most hot water systems Rheem , Dux , Aquamax and R…

$45.00 $33.75

2 Pole 25A 240V Din rail AC contactor 2 NO

2 Pole 25A 240V Din rail ac contactor 2 NO Contacts great for switching 3.6kw hot water elements 

$45.00 $35.00

Solar Hot Water Thermostat ST1301

Robertshaw ST1301 Solar Hot Water Thermostat 50-70 Degrees Replaces WSHT200 and W1M200 Use…

$55.00 $38.00

Solar Hot Water Computer Controller

Can replace your Rheen Loline, Rinnai, Apricus, Dux, Bosch, Conergy or Resol solar Hot Water System Controller and even …

$195.00 $136.50