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Melbourne Water Filter Service

Water Filtration Systems in Melbourne

Everyone has the right to clean, fresh water that is free of impurities, contaminants or debris. Water filtration systems remove those impurities, providing homes and businesses with crystal clear, fresh water straight out of the tap. Since 2002, Ring Hot Water has provided Melbourne with affordable, high-quality water filter installation, service and repairs. Our water filter services mean you no longer have to put up with ‘standard’ tap water, nor do you have to pay for overpriced bottled water any longer. Discover what we can do for you today!

Our Products

At Ring Hot Water, we can supply and install a vast range of water filters across Melbourne. With under sink, counter top, reverse osmosis and whole-house water filtration systems available, we have options to suit almost any requirement. You’ll soon be enjoying chilled or boiling hot water on tap that’s high-quality and low cost.

When you call Ring Hot Water for water filter installation in Melbourne, no matter what system you choose you’re sure to be be impressed by our:

  • Qualified technicians
  • Reliable service
  • Great quality

Find out for yourself by getting in touch with Ring Hot Water to enquire about our water filtration systems for your home or business.

Water Filter Systems

Travel, home, office, marine and camping water filters. Under sink, counter top, reverse osmosis and whole-house water filter services for your needs – high-quality and low cost.

Replacement Water Filters

We can provide a wide range of water filters from 10" x 2.5" to 20" x 4.5" whole house, shower and on tap filters, including sediment, granular activated carbon, carbon block, nano silver carbon, reverse osmosis and specialty types.

Water Chillers

Undersink, wall mounted or free standing water chillers. Perfect for a refreshing drink, delivering instant chilled water on tap from 1.9 to 60 litre units.

Boiling Hot Water

Undersink, wall mounted or free standing boiling water. Ideal for tea and coffee on demand, providing instant boiling hot water in your kitchen, boardroom or office. Available in various sizes to suit most requirements, from 1.25 to 60 litre models.

Test Equipment

Compact water testing instruments. Low cost, great value test equipment to test the TDS, PH or temperature of your water filter system or pool.

Spare Parts

We stock a wide range of John Guest, Tiger and Jaco fittings. We can also provide many water filter spare parts and accessories, including taps, o-rings, tubing, brackets, pressure limiting valves and water test meters.

Great Deals on Water Filter Services

Ring Hot Water is Melbourne's premier water filter installation specialist, offering great deals and special offers with fantastic prices on water filter equipment.

Looking to Purchase a Water Filtration System, Need Spare Parts, or Require a Service?

Visit our online store or call us on 0410 434 558 – you can buy direct from us to save waiting, or book a service. As we’re based in Melbourne, we can get you what you need fast!